Thursday, July 06, 2006

Disappointment in Humanity

The state Supreme Court reinstated Georgia's constitutional ban on gay marriage Thursday, just hours after New York's highest court upheld that state's gay-marriage ban. ( – July 6, 2006)

Here’s what I don’t understand: the judgments seem more based on personal bias than actual law; even though the law makers will cite case law after case law to support their personal bias. But, if the decision is based on personal bias, can the individuals not sue the court systems based on personal bias? It seems quite logical to me. I just wonder why no one ever considered the idea before. The fact is, decisions regarding law should be free of personal bias. I know, it is impossible for personal bias not to influence a court’s decision totally, but 98% of the decision should have law on its side.

Of course, we live in an imperfect world, so the words I type are meaningless. Personal bias will always figure in the decisions made for/against gay marriage. It is too hot a topic not to have personal bias involved. I just wish that the lawmakers – judges, senators, congressmen, the President – would just admit that they are making their decisions based on personal bias, rather than coming up with every other excuse they possible can to try and disguise what is obvious to most people.
Okay, that is it for this rant. I guess I am – as usual – disappointed in the human race and the justice system, which finds it so easily to find reasons to discriminate. No matter their reasons and excuses, no matter the laws they cite, in the end, it is discrimination.
Until the next rant . . .