Monday, November 13, 2006

Voting Results - Amendment 1 - TN

Recently, the residents of TN had an option to define marriage as between a man and a woman. It was a simple choice really: 'yes' = define and 'no' = do not define.

My main question is, what are we really voting for on Amendment 1?

The sanctity of marriage? Or, the sanctity of ignorance?

Is it right to deny equality? Does not the Constitution of the United States guarantee equality? If so, then where is my equal right to marry whomever I please, man or woman? It does not exist in today’s society. It will never exist in society because humanity – for the most part - is not capable of equality. Humanity – for the most part – is only capable of superiority. Humanity is not capable of acceptance. Humanity is capable of discrimination. Humanity is capable of ignorance. Humanity – for the most part – is not capable of intelligent thought. Harsh? Snarky? Perhaps. In the end, the ignorant will – again – prevail. Equality – again – will exist for a select few, those deeming themselves and their beliefs superior to all others. In the end, discrimination will continue unabated, and the United States will continue its descent into ignorance.

So, vote ‘Yes for No. 1’. Vote ‘Yes for Ignorance’. Vote ‘Yes for Discrimination’. Vote ‘Yes for Inequality’.

Or, dare to be different and vote ‘No for No. 1’. Vote ‘No for Ignorance’. Vote ‘No for Discrimination’. Vote ‘No for Inequality’.

The end result (like there was ever in doubt), ignorance won out. The next battle resides in the courts, with the unconstitutionality of Amendment #1 the topic of discussion. Why the 'unconstitutionality'? That, dear readers, is fairly simple: separation of church and state. The ideal of marriage is Bible based, i.e., religious based, to create a definition based on the Bible and incorporate that definition into the State constitution, creates no clear separation between Church and State, which creates the whole issue of the unconstitionalality (probably not a word, but necessary) of Amendment 1.

In the end, as with many things, the definition will become a non-issue, but not before countless dollars are spent by both sides in a dual fight: one for equality (a noble fight) and one for ignorance (no parenthetical explanation needed).