Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin & Sexism

Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, why did you have to come out of hiding? I was enjoying the moments of peace and quiet since you went back to Alaska. But, lo and behold, the silence is broken. You wrote a book, which you are now promoting. Le Sigh.

Okay, I'm done . . . for the moment. Go here, read the article on cnn.com and then hop back over for my deep, intellectual thoughts and insights on . . . sexism according to The Rogue!

Basically, Newsweek's cover shows Sarah Palin in a running outfit. Mrs. Palin believes that the photo is sexist.

Okay, I'll bite . . . why??

I have no clue why. Personally, if she thought the running outfit was sexist, why was she wearing it in the first place? I mean, seriously. She put the outfit on. She had no problem wearing the outfit for a photo shoot with a running magazine, and yet when another magazine puts said picture on their cover . . . it's sexist.

Yeah, the logic escapes me as well.

If the outfit is sexist on Newsweek shouldn't it be considered sexist on Runners World? Does context really matter in this instance?

Of course it doesn't.

Don't you like how I keep answering my own questions???

I guess Mrs. Palin has nothing better to do than attempt to draw as much attention to herself on her book promotion tour . . . .hhhmmmmm, is that the smell of strategy??? Oh, I get it, do whatever you can to get on the news so you can mention your book. Ahhh, I'll have to remember that one in the near future.

Well, at least Mrs. Palin is good inspiration for this blog.

I do have some advice for Mrs. Palin: if you don't want pictures of yourself, in a shorty-short-short running outfit that some (namely yourself) consider sexist, then I wouldn't pose in the outfit in the first place. I'm just saying . . .