Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reactive Behavior

So, healthcare reform has the nation galvanized . . . in good ways and bad ways, but more bad than good. Such is life.

Every since the House passed Healthcare Reform, well . . . rocks through windows, racial slurs, derogatory comments, death threats, and Sarah Palin's hit list.

First - rocks through windows, death threats, derogatory comments, etc. GROW UP, PEOPLE! You're not in Kindergarten. You're grown adults. Your actions are that of children. Heck, children are better behaved than you.

Second - Sarah Palin. Now, should Sarah Palin, at her age, have what's called a hit list on her Facebook page? No! She's not in the mafia - heaven help us if that happens - and she's not a teenage girl. Hit lists are for those two groups. Period. Mrs. Palin, and the other extremists, need to grow up, get a life, and figure out proactive, not reactive, ways to deal with their discontent with Healthcare Reform and the current administration.

Third - the Tea Party. This group of discontents needs to get a life. Okay, the majority of them, not all of them. Many of the reactive instances lately have been allegedly committed by these members. There is not a place for such reactiveness (yes, I know, not a word, but it works, get over it) in today's society. We're not in the Stone Age, people. We don't hit people over the head with clubs to a) get their attention or b) get a mate. If you want a mate, try - they're pretty discriminatory as is, and would fit right in with the extremist ideals of many members of the Tea Party . . . and the G.O.P. for that matter.

So, in short: GET A LIFE! Violence is not the answer. Hit Lists are not the answer. Rocks through windows, death threats, slurs of any type . . . are not the answer. Go raise money for a political candidate. Be proactive, not reactive. GROW UP!