Thursday, June 01, 2006

Batwoman is a Lesbian

In a bold move, DC Comics is bringing back the character of Batwoman . . . with a twist: she's a lesbian. The Internet community is in a frenzy over this announcement. The New York Times has reported on this story. Why? I just don't get it. So Batwoman is a lesbian. That's great, but is it deserving of so much Internet usage and media print? Not really, but who am I to question the fervor over this announcement. I really think it's great that Batwoman is a lesbian. I always thought Wonder Women made a good lesbian - technically a lipstick dyke since she's so beautiful - but whoever conceived of Wonder Woman decided that she needed a male love interest. Please, a good woman would have been a better love interest for her. : ) In the end, does it really matter that Batwoman is a lesbian? Is it worth all the time spent on Internet message boards denouncing or supporting the decision. In a word . . . yes. It creates discussion, it creates thought and it creates dissent. It shows that humanity is not a totally careless - though ignorant might be an apt word - society that no longer pays attention to what is happening. Then again, it also shows that the narrow-minded nature of some portions of society are still in existence. Just because Batwoman is a lesbian does not make her any less human. In my personal opinion, perhaps it makes her more human because she can relate to both her feminine and masculine aspects. Just a thought.