Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gay Marriage - Part Two

I just want to add that the proposed Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage failed . . . as the parties proposing the amendment knew it would. So why propose it, if you knew it would fail? The obvious (and, unfortunately, most likely) response is: to appease the constituents who provide the most money for their political campaigns. It is an election year folks, and certain members of a certain political party are currently running scared because of a certain approval rating for a certain high placed government official that is - luckily so - rubbing off on the rest of the party. The proposed amendment was nothing more than political b.s. to show the allegedly moneyed constituents that the people in power are doing their jobs. HA! Isn't that a joke.

What needs to be remembered, is that while the proposed amendment did not succeed this time, it might succeed at a later date. We the people have the power to stand up and fight such an amendment. We the people have the power to hold the people in power to a higher standard. Perhaps it is time that we the people became more actively involved in the political arena and began to demand answers from the people we put in power. Perhaps we need to review their voting records and match them up to the political promises (i.e., meaningless words told to get elected) they made during their campaigns. Perhaps we need to take a more careful look at all those currently up for election and running for office and see if a change needs to be made.

Lastly, why the heck do people vote along party lines? Why don't people vote for the best person suited for the job, rather than someone who is either a Democrat or Republican? When people vote along party lines, it becomes the blind leading the blind. Just because someone is a Democrat (or Republican, for that matter) and running for office, it does not necessarily make that person the best candidate for the job. A Republican (or Democrat) might be the better candidate, but people fail to realize that fact, vote along party lines, and then wonder why things are going to hell in a proverbial handbasket? Grow up, people. Get a life. To vote along party lines is to vote in favor of oppression and ignorance. Information is but a few keystrokes away. Take a few minutes, google a name, and find out about both candidates running for a particular office. Be bold, be daring, and vote for the best qualified candidate, and not the party candidate you feel obligated to vote for. In the end, we might have a better country. I'm just saying . . .