Monday, February 11, 2008

Money, Money, Money

If I were a gay man, I'd make some musical quote for this blog. Oh, wait, I am a gay man, so . . . "and the money kept rolling in from every side" (Evita for you non-musical people, gay or straight, out there). Millions upon millions of dollars have been spent on the current political campaigns. I just don't get it! Why is it, that political candidates can raise millions of millions of dollars to bombard an unsuspecting, and unwilling in some cases, society with political ad after political ad (95% negative, 2% positve, and 3% that make no sense at all - in my opinion), and yet cannot find money for worthwhile causes once they get into office?

Think of it - millions upon millions of dollars going for cancer research, AIDS research, border security, eliminating the deficit . . . and the list goes on. Instead, millions upon millions of dollars is wasted every time an incumbent or new candidate runs for office. Think of it - for every winner, there are one, two, if not three losers per political office. Think of the millions upon millions of dollars down the drain. It is wasted money. The money had no effect whatsoever. The candidate did not get elected.

So, why shouldn't the candidates - the money so easily accessible - not donate 65% of campaign contributions towards charitable organizations, the national deficit, border security, or some other cause? Why not make the money useful rather than useless?