Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway

My name is Scott, and I'm a Project Runway addict!

Once upon a time, I lived an RF (reality free life). I did not watch Survivor or any of the other reality programs that soon began to choke the airwaves and drive away scripted series. I resisted the impulse to watch any reality shows. I succeeded in this endeavor for years.

I blame my Project Runway addiction solely on my partner of (now) 14 years. He got me hooked. He is an enabler. I was doing just fine without Reality TV. I had a life. He made me watch Project Runway (during Season 1 - The I Hate Wendy Pepper Season) and the rest, dear readers, is history. I was hooked from the outset. I watched the rest of Season 1 - hated Wendy with the rest of the world - and found myself watching all the reruns (Bravo does an outstanding job of reruns so you never miss an episode), and the marathons. I laughed and cried, I booed and hissed. There was no help for me.

Season 2 came along - hated Santino, but loved his impressions of Tim Gunn. Personally, I thought Daniel should have won.

Season 3 came along - Laura almost reached Wendy level, but not quite; though her stunt with Jeffery came close to Wendy's soul sucking performance. Didn't you just love when Kara told Wendy - one day you're gonna need your soul, and you're not going to have any left. Woo-hoo!

In between Season 3 and 4, Bravo hooked me with other series: Blow Out and Top Designer, never liked Top Chef. Who knew that styling hair could be so much fun? Loved Tabitha! What about the hedge clipper challenge? Too damn funny.

Yes, as you might have noticed, Bravo Reality TV has become my passion. I still do not watch Surviver, Bachelor, The Apprentice, Amazing Rest, or any of network Reality TV. I'm a Bravo Addict . . . and proud of it.

Season 4 - the end is near. I absolutely adore Rami. I wasn't sure about Christian in the beginning; as my partner put it, is that a man or woman???? Still not sure. ; ) I think it's great that Chris, after being voted off and allowed back, was in the top 4. Personally, I think Jillian will pull off the win. She might end up in an insane asylum, but she definitely has talent. Christian has talent too, but I've seen his collection, and I'm not sure (though I'll probably be proven wrong) its strong/different enough to win. As for Rami and Chris, tonight is their ultimate face-off (though, both did show at Fashion Week in Bryant Park). I've seen both of their collections, and - personally - I think Rami did a better job. Chris did a good job, but not sure if it is good enough to win the face-off. Then again, you never know with Michael, Heidi or Nina.

So, tonight I'll turn on Bravo, watch the multiple repeats of previous episodes, and then tune in for the first of the two-part season finale! After next week, the withdrawl process will begin until Season 2 of Blow Out begins, or Bravo hooks me with another reality show - better quality, better drama, than network TV could ever up for.

As Heidi says, "one day you're in, the next you're out!"