Friday, October 17, 2008

Bush to Give Pep Talk to Anxious Country

The title of this blog is a headline on one of the news services this morning. Isn't the title an oxy-moron? I'm finding more and more of those lately, btw. I think the oxy-morons had a party with a little Viagra involved and are breeding like rabbits now. I'm just saying . . .

So, dear (add heavy dose of sarcasm/snark to that word) President Bush is going to give a pep talk to an anxious country about the mess he created. Oh wait, sorry, he didn't create, he just pushed it over the precipice into a bottomless pit. I mean, really, people, is anything he can say going to change the current economic crisis? No! Is anything he is going to say really going to calm the fears of the nation when unemployment continues to increase and the stock market continues to tumble? What words can he say to ease the fear of someone who lost $32,000 out of their 401K? What about 100,000 thousand? What about people who no longer have homes because the banks lent them money that the banks knew they could not pay back? What comfort can a - thankfully - departing President, who did more harm to this country (at least in my snarky opinion) than good), offer right now? What fears can he allay? How many times can he go on television and read the words off a tele-prompter before he realizes that nothing he says can actually turn this country around or ease the fears of people watching their retirement savings shrink into nothingness?

There is nothing he can say or do that will change what has already happened, and what is currently happening. The time for change was four years ago when he was mistakenly elected to office a 2nd time. Boy, didn't this country pay for that mistake? Yes, I know, he's not solely at fault for the current crisis or the problems in the country. He is a part of the problem, however, as is the current administration, and I'll go so far as to say the current House/Senate/Whatever. We need dramatic, positive change in this country where the Administration does not bow down to the whims of the rich and conservative. I'm just saying . . .



Seven Star Hand said...

Hi Scott,

The bottomless pit is a perfect symbol/metaphor for what faces these greedy scoundrels. Likewise, the global blowback from their greed and arrogance is about to burn them bad, hence the associated symbolism of the lake of fire.

Consider how money, religion, and politics are inseparable because of the inescapable trap (bottomless pit) they form. The conceptual and physical aspects of the world's currencies and monetary systems creates an endless loop. The math of debt-based money forms a debt generating engine that creates a true virtual vortex that is in fact, purposeful slavery by proxy.

The symbolism of the bottomless pit refers both to an ancient trap (pit) and to its associated deceptions, hence the inability to "get to the bottom of it." We are all trapped in a web of deception woven with money, religion, and politics. The great evils that bedevil us all will never cease until humanity finally awakens, shakes off these strong delusions, and forges a new path to the future.

Furthermore, money, religion, and politics are each purposeful logic traps and delusions that present themselves as myriad deceptive lures that are always illusions that can’t be attained or maintained. It’s a well-sculpted shell (and shill) game rigged so most lose while the Vatican and its secret society cohorts (those atop the pyramid) continue to win. Once humanity understands that they are laboring under imposed delusions and finally understands the truth, the power of the illusion will vanish into thin air, just like the darkness does when the lights are turned on, and like smoke does when a strong wind blows.

A little light for dark times...

It's no wonder the Vatican and its many cohorts fear the truth more than anything else.

Peace and Wisdom