Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Gay Character Bites the Dust on Network Television

The Grey's Anatomy lesbian storyline is gone. Dr. Hahn has left the building. ABC let the actress go. Why? Well, who the heck knows why the network executives do what they do. The common thread is that they didn't like the lesbian storyline. Shonda Rimes says it didn't have anything to do with the lesbian storyline. The message boards are abuzz with rumors and hateful comments, oh, and the alleged Christians are saying good-riddance. PLEASE!

What would Jesus do? Well, from what I understand - and the more sane of commenter's responded - Jesus would accept and love everybody, without judgement. He would not - yes, grand assumption on my part - spew hate and take the words of the Bible out of context to stress His point of view.

So, what's your take on the firing of a talented actress involved in a lesbian storyline? Was she fired because - as many posted - her character is unsympathetic? Was she fired - as Shonda Rimes stated - because she had no chemistry with her bi-sexual counterpart Callie? Or, was she fired because the ABC executives are narrow-minded and have no clue about real life?

The sad fact is, even with the limited number of gay characters on television, the gay population - my people - are sadly underrepresented. I can find a gay man/woman anywhere I go in this country - restaurant, hotel, law office, gym, Church, grocery store, bus stop, library, etc. The person may or may not be out, but they are there. We are there, we are everywhere, except equally represented on network television. I'm just saying . . .