Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I believe in equality for all, and not just a select few - this is what I tell people when they ask about the bracelet (see picture) I've started wearing.

This bracelet is available here. It's not expensive. It's $12.00. That's less than three trips to Starbucks for a Grande Cafe Mocha. That's less than you'll pay going out to lunch two days per week.

The sad fact is, election day brought about the passage of hate legislation (Prop 8, etc.) in our country. The sad fact is, equality only exists for the select few in our country. I am denied equality on a daily basis. I cannot marry my partner of 14 years. I cannot (unless I want to risk the potential of violence) walk down the street with my arm about my partner's waist. I cannot openly show affection for my partner in public (again, unless I want to risk the potential of violence). I can, however, since I work for a great company, have my partner covered under my company health plan since we offer domestic partner benefits. Not everybody can say the same thing. Equality does not exist for all.

I believe that equality should exist for all. So, in protest for Prop 8 and all other hate legislation passed on this most recent election day, and on previous election days, I am wearing my believe bracelet. I will respond in the same way - I believe in equality for all, and not just a select few - every single time someone asks about the bracelet. When further asked to explain, I will point out the passage of hate legislation.

What do I ask of my readers? Go here, buy the bracelet, and tell people the same thing. It is a small step toward equality, but it is a step. Every step counts, my friends.


Just in case the link doesn't work - go to, shop, jewelry, cuff bands/watches and scroll down until you find the believe band.