Monday, March 24, 2008

In defense of Sarah Jessica Parker

Okay, odd title for this blog. Recently Maxim magazine named Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) the 'unsexiest' star. By rights, Ms. Parker was hurt by this label. I would be too. In my opinion, what qualifications do the people at Maxim have to make this distinction? In a larger scope, what right/qualifications does/do any one on this planet have to make that distinction?
In my honest opion: no right at all. The fact is, generation by generation (for the most part) society is becoming . . . well . . . MEAN! Why? At one point did humans begin to drift away from humanity? From compassion? So, Sarah Jessica Parky is unsexy to the editors at Maxim. She's obviously sexy to her husband. Other men find her sexy. So, why should Maxim's opinion be granted a greater weight/authority? Why should - forget Freedom of Speech, for one minute - they be allowed to demean someone without thought/regard for that person's freedom? In my opinion, they shouldn't be allowed.
Free Speech is great, but there comes a time in place when people should just think about what they are saying or writing. The fact (sad but true) is: most people don't give a damn whether they hurt someone's feelings or not. Society (for the most part) is not becoming MEAN, but has become MEAN!
Just my thoughts . . .