Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Cussing

First, you need to follow the link and read the article.
Second - I admire the principal behind what the town is attempting. Basically - for the first week in March from this point forward, no cussing is allowed in this town. Again, great principal.
Here's my thoughts on the matter:
  • If you say fudge in place of f&%#, doesn't it mean the same thing?
  • If you say shoot in place of sh*&, doesn't it mean the same thing?

The answer: Yes!!!

So, if everybody in this town starts saying shoot, fudge, gosh darn, heck and whatever other sugar-coated word they can think of, aren't they still cussing? Of course they are still cussing. The only reason f&%# or sh*& are nasty words, is because someone, at some point in history, decided that those words - and many like them - were nasty. Maybe it was because of how they sounded or some other inane reason; but whatever the reason, the negative connotation on the word is society driven. Sooner or later, if everybody starts saying shoot, fudge, gosh darn, etc., those words too will have negative connotations associated with them as well.

So, the whole no-cussing thing - again, admirable - is seemingly pointless in the long run since society will, eventually, negatively connotate those words. Just my theory.



Anonymous said...

Your theory proved true in my experience. While in basic training (years ago when it was still a new concept in the US for women in the military) the TI managed to turn the word 'lady' into a 'four letter word'.

Finally after all these years I do not find myself emotionally reacting internally when someone refers to me as a 'lady'.