Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Truth, Lies, or Convenience

As most people probably know by now (unless they're living in a remote area without access to cable or Internet), Hillary was caught in another . . . lie. It seems, poor old Hillary just can't remember the truth of her life. Suddenly, a peaceful visit to Bosnia, became a sniper laden event where she had to run for cover. The linked article is very thought provoking.
The facts are (in my humble opinion), everybody embellishes. It is a part of life. How often have people said, I've told you that a hundred times???? Of course, that's an embellishment (unless you were talking to my partner after his colonoscopy and the administration of the amnesia drug - at that point, a hundred times is not an embellishment - trust me on that one). Hillary's statement about sniper fire is a tad bit more than an embellishment.
In the end, Hillary's truth seems more a convenience to advance her political career and tout her alleged experience, which, btw, now seems less experience and more convenient embellishment. What do you think?