Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Will People Never Learn?

Here’s the question of the day: when will people just get over it? It does not matter if someone is gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, trisexual or transgendered: it does not make them any less of a person. I do not understand society’s obsession with categorizing somebody and demeaning him or her by that category.

What started me on this rant? Oh, dear readers, click on the lovely link and read the article that set my mind ranting:


For the hundredth time (really the thousandth, but hundredth sounds better), sexual orientation is not a choice. It is genetics. I know there are a huge number of people out there that disagree with me on that; but none of them have lived my life, and very few of them really care to understand the truth (at least the truth as I see it). I did not wake up on a Tuesday, look outside, see the sun was shining (and it was a perfect day for rabbit hunting according to Snoopy) and decide ‘hey, I think I’ll become gay’. I did not make such a choice, any more than someone claiming heterosexual status made an obvious choice to become heterosexual: it was just the way they were born, i.e,. genetics.

I understand that people have a problem with the whole gay, transgendered, whatever, thing, but to deny its existence and to . . . well, I probably shouldn’t go here, but . . . attempt to shield their children from the psychological ramifications . . . oh, please, just get over it and get a life. As I previously stated, we’re everywhere and we’re not going away. I just wish the rest of the ignorant minded (sorry, but if the word fits, the word fits and I’m going to use it) could be as accepting as my sister (not that she didn’t have about 12 years of denial, but that’s a whole other story). Not too long ago my 2 ½ year old niece (and she probably asked this because she has a little brother now) if little boys wore dresses. Without blinking an eye, or probably (and you’ll understand this in a few seconds) thinking about what she was going to say, my sister said: No, only girls and drag queens. My niece’s response was “Okay, Momma” and that was the end of the matter. I can probably guarantee you that few parents would have made such a statement to their 2 ½ year old daughter. Nevertheless, my niece has two gay uncles, and my sister will not hide such a fact. It is just a natural part of life. My niece and nephew will be one of the lucky ones, growing up in an environment where they are not taught prejudice or hate, and where ignorance is not allowed. I only wish the rest of the world could exist in such an environment. Alas (I just love that word), such a state of being will probably never exist in this world. It is easier to hate than love. It is easier to nourish prejudice than acceptance. It is easier to wallow in ignorance than ask the necessary questions to live in knowledge.

My ranting is done, only for the moment, and the flow of words is beginning to slow. I have no more words of wisdom to offer or sage advice to give. In the end, people will choose ignorance over knowledge and hate over love/acceptance. It is easier.